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Would you like to visit Botanic Garden Meise with family and friends, alone, or in a group? We have something for everyone. Find the appropriate tariff here, buy your ticket online immediately - and avoid the queue at the ticket counter.

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Are you a regular visitor to our garden? Take an annual ticket, it’s so much cheaper!
Year-long entrance to the grounds, the Plant Palace, exhibitions, the library, and discounts at night events such as the WinterFloridylle.

● Annual ticket 1 *: € 20
● Annual ticket 1 + 6 (for 1 adult and up to 6 children)*: € 35
● Annual ticket 2 + 6 (for 2 adults and up to 6 children)*: € 55

* Different prices apply at some events. If you purchase an annual ticket within 7 days of your last visit, you will receive a € 5 discount on presentation of your entrance ticket.


Families - Familles - Families - Familien
Vrienden - Amis - Friends - Freunde
Groepen - Groupes - Groups - Gruppe


You can pay with cash, Bancontact, and credit card (Visa, MasterCard) at the ticket counter, in the Garden Shop, and in the Orangery.