Flower theatre

A garden full of gems
21 Mar
20 Sep

The Flower Theatre is an exquisitely structured garden with raised borders and frames for climbing plants: here, the plants are actors on a stage. The peonies form the backbone of the collection, with more than 160 species and cultivars. The botanical species (non-cultivars and the like) are subdivided into herbaceous and woody forms and arranged according to their distribution area in the wild.

Camellias (Camellia) are well-represented too. You’ll find them along the north and east edge of the garden under the dappled shade of the trees. They are arranged in distinct groups of botanical species, Camellia japonica hybrids (those of Belgian origin are a separate group), Williamsii-, Lutchuensis- and Higo-hybrids.

The Flower Theatre also hosts other plants, mainly with a decorative function.
A garden not to be missed, you’ll discover a wealth of plants in every season.


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