Where we were last summer

a ceramics exhibition by Charlotte Bricault
Sat 13 May - Sun 17 Sep
13 May
17 Sep
  • 13 May
    17 Sep
    This activity is included in the day ticket. This day ticket gives you access to all public areas of the Botanic garden.

Charlotte Bricault, a Brussels-based artist, creates installations where wild plants dialogue with everyday ceramic objects such as cushions, plates, pages and brushes. She prepares the objects and makes space for the seeds she gathered. The seeds hold a promise of life, linking to spontaneous and free nature.

In various forms, wild plants are present in most of her installations, interacting with this everyday objects that are charged with a symbolic, human and intimate power.


Where? Square Tower - Castle of Bouchout (Meise Botanic Garden)

When? 13.05.23 - 17.09.23 


Charlotte Bricault is a French artist living in Brussels. 

  • Graduated from the Ecole d'Arts et Techniques du Paysage, Ecole Du Breuil, Paris.
  • Graduated from the Chambre Syndicale des Fleuristes de Paris.
  • Studied ceramics at the Ecole des Arts Visuels La Cambre, Brussels.
  • Studied ceramics at the Academy of Fine Arts Anderlecht, Belgium.

'Earth is the essential element of my work. The earth in which the plants take root and the earth formed by my hand. My current work is influenced by the knowledge I acquired at the Ecole du Breuil and by my artistic career as a ceramist. They combine knowledge of plants and an experimental attitude that touches on sensations, memories and the intimate. I am inspired by the uncultivated landscapes of roadsides, by this lush, fragile and ordinary nature. I use the plants growing near my workplace, they are the sources of inspiration and inspiration of my artistic approach.'