Expo: Ikebana

30 year Sogetsu Azalea study group
Sat 14 Oct - Sun 15 Oct
14 Oct
15 Oct
  • 14 Oct
    15 Oct
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Everyone is welcome to this Sogetsu ikebana anniversary exhibition

Ikebana, a traditional Japanese art, literally means living flower, and is the art of bringing plant material to life in a harmonious arrangement. 

Sometimes ikebana is also described as the art of leaving out and less is more. Apart from the respect for tradition and nature, the modern Ikebana schools, of which Sogetsu is the largest, have room to reflect the contemporary spirit in their ikebana creations. 

Important principles of Sogetsu ikebana are movement, balance, harmony and a refreshing approach to the use of green materials. 




Saturday 14 & Sunday 15 October from 10:00 to 18:00


Gallery 'Herbariumgebouw', Meise Botanic Garden