Sat 15 May - Mon 22 Nov


with illustrations by Marijke Meersman
15 May
22 Nov
  • 15 May
    22 Nov
    This activity is included in the general Botanic Garden ticket. This ticket gives you access to all public areas of the Botanic garden.

Everyone has a Marijke Meersman in the house

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From 15 May, you can enjoy an open-air exhibition in Meise Botanic Garden and an exhibition in the castle with the nature drawings by Marijke Meersman. 

The occasion for this art happening is the 100th stamp illustration Marijke created for bpost.  The artistry of the painted miniature jewels is given a symbolic meaning in Plantentuin Meise. And you don't need a magnifying glass to see it! 

A walking exhibition through Meise Botanic Garden takes you from one painted wonder of nature to another. 

In the exhibition in the Castle you will discover a wealth of plants and flowers. You will be introduced to the botanical illustration art of Marijke Meersman. 

A short animated film provides a nice moment of pause. This film was made especially for this exhibition. 

A book brings together different worlds: art, nature, science, history and philately.

The book,” Marijke Meersman, Nature in Miniature / La Nature en Miniature “ is a bilingual edition .

ISBN: 9789464079678 - NUR: 640 / 420 / 430 - Depot number - Numéro de dépôt : D/2021/Marijke Meersman, publisher.

The book is for sale at the Garden Shop or on

On 15 May, the exhibition will open with a Culture Day. 

More information will follow.

This art happening around the philatelic and botanic illustrations of Marijke Meersman was realised with the cooperation of:



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culture day - an  Castle exhibition - an short film- a walking exhibition - a book


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