Sat 30 Jan - Sun 9 May

Expo: The Blue Leaf

by Daniel Storz
30 Jan
9 May
  • 30 Jan
    9 May
    This activity is included in the general Botanic Garden ticket. This ticket gives you access to all public areas of the Botanic garden.

This collection is the narrative of an artist who invites the petals, twigs and grasses of his garden on a journey through his mind.

His fantasies give birth to a universe that is light and layered, full of texture, and dominated by intense luminous colours.

As an explorer, he twists, shatters and mixes materials. Through experimentation, he expresses the invisible using digital photography and charcoal.

This ‘New World’, filled with possibilities, invites the observer to re-examine the everyday and escape to its poetic soft dust clouds.

Technical information

The artist starts by manually deforming the plant matter, tearing it up, immersing it in water, etc. It is then photographed and digitized. Subsequently, he plays with colour, contrast and texture to produce new states that are completely different from the original. The works are then manually printed in nine photographic pigmented colours on handmade acid-free paper (305g / m2). Finally, he meticulously finishes off the work using charcoal, making each design unique. As each work is filled with thousands of details it lends itself to the possibility for impressive enlargements.

Daniel Storz

A Belgian-Swiss artist born in Brussels in 1948. He specialized in photography at INRACI, where he was initiated by artists like Roger Asselbergs and Charles Goossens. In 1983 he founded “APP Photolab”, a professional photo lab that is still at the top of its field.

Initially he built up an international reputation in classic silver print, and later in digital print.

His earlier works testify to the pathetic banality of things. They focussed on the unexpected mundane of cities like Brussels, Namur, Barcelona, Bern or Baal. His artistic career later shifted attention to the processing of the materials, image negativity, colours and contrast. He also began to nuance his works with charcoal, a technique taught to him by his daughter Sophie.

'Het Blauwe Blad’ (The Blue Leaf) is a follow-up to the series “Outre-Atlantide”, it delivers an adapted poetic vision of reality where the works find themselves between graphic and pictorial art.

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