Your little one on our masterpiece! - SOLD OUT!

A unique opportunity on the giant water lilies!
Wed 22 Jun - Wed 3 Aug
22 Jun
3 Aug



In Meise Botanic Garden, parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, godparents and godmothers... can have their smallest children photographed on the leaves of our giant water lily.

The leaves of giant water lilies are very sturdy and can be more than two metres in diameter. In June and July, when the giant water lilies in the Plantenpaleis are at their peak, babies up to one year old can have their picture taken on the leaves.


We organize this in cooperation with Weleda! Meise Botanic Garden and Weleda share a passion for nature and a desire to protect, conserve and experience biodiversity. Both organisations are keen to join forces to raise the profile of biodiversity

During this unique event, Weleda would like to introduce parents and their babies to its organic & 100% natural care products. 

Conditions & Practicalities:

  • 5 data: Wednesday 22.06.22, Wednesday 29.06.22, Saturday 09.07.22, Wednesday 20.07.22
    Wednesday 03.08.22
  • Only for babies up to 12 months.
  • Twins (and multiples) can be together on 1 ticket. They can also be photographed together.
  • Maximum 2 supervisors per family.
  • Places are limited! Maximum 1 ticket per purchase.
  • The photo is taken by a professional photographer ‘Boothloose’.
  • You may only take photos with your smartphone, and only as long as it does not disturb the photographer.
  • You bring your own blanket to use on the water lily.
  • Be on time: there are strict appointment times for both the entrance at the cash desk and the photo shoot.
  • When entering the Plant Palace, follow the arrows.
  • The measures against the coronavirus of that time will apply.

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Ticket purchase:

  • You buy 1 ticket. This includes the photo shoot, admission for 2 adults (and baby + brothers/sisters) and a €10 discount on the purchase of photo prints via the photographer's website.
  • Price: € 40  
  • Price € 30 for holders of a Friends Card.
  • Please note the time slot to be reserved! The photo shoot starts at the end of your time slot. So if your chosen time slot runs from e.g. 10 am - 10.15 am, your photo shoot will start at 10.15 am. 
    Present yourself 5 minutes before the start of your photo session at the main entrance of the Plantenpaleis. Follow the arrows.
  • We invite you to make a lovely day out of it so you can certainly enter the Botanic Garden earlier than the chosen time slot or stay longer after the photo session.
    Please note that you will need about 10 minutes to walk from the Entrance ‘Empress Charlotte’ (Nieuwelaan) to the Plant Palace.