Expo: Biennale Cultuurvuur

A green art gallery!
Wed 1 May - Mon 30 Sep
1 May
30 Sep
  • 1 May
    30 Sep
    This activity is included in the day ticket. This day ticket gives you access to all public areas of the Botanic garden.

The Biennale Cultuurvuur is a biennial art route in the Botanic Garden. It is a cooperation between Meise Botanic Garden and CULTUURVUUR vzw. 

Artists 50+ from Flanders, Brussels and the Netherlands created one or more works of art for a specific location in the Botanic Garden. The Biennale Cultuurvuur brings art and nature together, emphasises both their beauty and calls for a more thoughtful approach to nature. 

The aim was to challenge the artists and let them be fully inspired by nature and more specifically by that one special spot in the garden.

During the art route, you will be introduced to various art forms: from bobbin work with wire to a flower bed of paintings. The talent of the selected artists is endless. They create beautiful oases of rest in the beautiful nature of the Botanic Garden.


CULTUURVUUR is a network 50+ for active participation.


Artists can be found everywhere, even where you least expect them!