Sat 21 Dec - Sun 19 Apr

Expo: 'Sansevieria' Fibres Art - CLOSED

On historical collections of fibres and dyes and ... sansevieria
21 Dec

Due to the corona virus, the Bouchout Castle is closed to the public until 19 April 2020 and therefore can the Expo not be visited.

A collaboration between Meise Botanic Garden and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, a tribute to Christine Kennis. 

"Sansevieria Fibres Art" takes an original approach to combining Meise Botanic Garden's historical collection of natural fibres and dyes with contemporary textile art, all framed by an inspiring message.


Twenty-two students, teachers and alumni from the Textile Arts department of KASKA DKO (Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, Part-time Art Education) crack open the female energy field with their textile works on the theme of sansevieria. As a tribute to their deceased teacher and colleague Christine Kennis, they give the humble sansevieria―commonly known as "lady's tongue" in Dutch―a touching voice through a number of exhibited works in and around the castle and in the greenhouses.



In Bouchout Castle, on the pond and in the Plant Palace, you can admire the works of art, framed by historical collections of fibres and dyes and living plants.

In the Castle's square tower, ancient botanical illustrations, herbariums, recent fibres, dyes and colour samples illustrate ... 15 vegetable fibres and 21 dyes.

A number of works by Christine Kennis herself are exhibited in one of the rooms, while the collection of sansevieria can be found in the Plant Palace.