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Our fascinating history
1 May
20 Jun

The Botanic Garden has a history of some 200 years. It started in Brussels: in the French era, there was a botanic garden at the Hofberg, which moved to the Schaarbeekse Poort in 1826. Much later, in 1939, the Botanic Garden came to Meise.

There, the garden got a new home in the grounds of Castle Bouchout, which dates back to the Middle Ages. Throughout the ages, the castle was inhabited by lords and knights and, for a while, even by an insane empress.

The Botanic Garden boasts several historic monuments and horticultural achievements. The Plant Palace from the World’s Fair year of 1958, the Balat Greenhouse from 1854, the walled garden from circa 1800... And all this in an impressive scenery of often ancient and unique trees – such as the dawn redwood, a species that was only discovered in China in the 1940s.


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