MuseumPASSmusées is your key to over 100 Belgian museums, among which also Botanic Garden Meise. The pass grants Belgian residents one year admission to the participating museums and their magnificent collections. Furthermore, visits to temporary exhibitions are free of charge or at a strongly reduced rate.
Unique about this project is that museums in Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels joined forces. The aim of the pass is twofold : on the one hand more visibility for the institutions and on the other hand lowering the threshold to culture. MuseumPASSmusées is available for everyone.

A pass normally costs 50 euro, but people with a low income status can purchase a museum pass for only 10 euro in the participating museums, upon presentation of a valid UiTPAS, Paspartoe or Article 27 (or A-card, in the near future).

Buy now your museum pass at 50 euro on or at the main ticket office of Botanic Garden Meise.