Botanic Garden Meise

 Something is growing in Meise!

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Botanic Garden Meise is located in Meise, a smaller village situated at about 12 km north of the centre of Brussels or 3 km north of the Atomium, just inside the Flemish Region, i.e. outside of the Outer Ring Road (R0) around Brussels.

Our address:

Botanic Garden Meise
Bouchout Domain
Nieuwelaan 38
1860 Meise

The main entrance is located at Nieuwelaan 38 - 1860 Meise

The "Meise Entrance" is located on the Brusselssesteenweg (n° 32).

Due to extensive construction works, the Meise Entrance will be closed during weekdays until the end of November 2017.
Please make use of the Main Entrance. Thank you for your cooperation.


Local people, taxi drivers, hotel staff, etc. often confuse the Botanic Garden Meise with the cultural centre 'Le Botanique' (our pre-1970 location) in Brussels city! If you follow the tourist information panels 'Le Botanique / Kruidtuin' in the centre of Brussels, you will arrive at our OLD location!

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